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About Advanced Performance

Advanced Performance is an adult & youth strength and conditioning program that is only offered at the Galesburg Advanced Rehab & Sports Medicine clinic location. The adult program teaches people how to move to increase health and decreases pain. It improves the ability to do what you do now for as long as you can. The youth program teaches athletes to jump higher, run faster, improve strength, move like an athlete all while preventing injuries. 

Advanced Performance is managed by Brandon Tyrrell, a licensed Certified Athletic Trainer with Advanced Rehab & Sports Medicine. He has been an ATC for 15 years, and has worked in strength & conditioning for 10 of those 15 years. Brandon has worked with Galesburg High School and other surrounding schools in the area for athletic training coverage at sporting events and with groups of athletes in the weight room. 

Program/Sign Information

$100/month per program

Click HERE to download, print, fill out the forms, and either email OR drop them off at the front desk.

Sign up: call 309-343-3434


Email: advancedperformance@advrehab.com

Limited Spots available. Must have payment to secure spot

August 2023 Schedule 

August Schedule: CLICK HERE

September 2023 Schedule

August Schedule: CLICK HERE

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