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By: Eleanor, ATC  Lets BEAT the HEAT together!  During the summers raging temperatures, heat illness can become quite the enemy. Here are some tips for you to help beat the heat this summer! Interesting Facts:  -Athletes should consume 1 cup or 250mls of water every 15 minutes of exercise -It only takes 30 minutes for cell damage to occur when core body temp is >105 degress -Exertional heat stroke is one of the top 3 killers of athletes in training Safety Tips: ...
Posted on 2020-07-24
By: Eleanor, ATC
Posted on 2020-07-06
By: Nathan, DPT Have you ever put a box down and turned around only to trip over that very box? How about having a child or pet dart underfoot causing you to face-plant! I know everyone has slipped and fallen on ice at some point in their lives (usually in front of a non-symapthetic friend who's ready with zinger). According to the CDC, "more than one in four older adults aged 65 and older will fall...falls are the number one cause of injuries and death from injury. This represents 29 million f...
Posted on 2020-06-24
By: Eleanor, ATC Follow these easy steps to get the most out of your work day:  Step 1- Choose the right chair: • Height: The perfect chair allows your feet to be flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to the floor. You can add a foot rest if your chair or desk is too tall. • Backrest: Being able to recline the backrest during long hours can significantly reduce pressure on your back. • Lumbar Support: Supports can be added if your chair does not follow the natural c...
Posted on 2020-06-11
By: Margaret, PT Stress will increase muscle tension and can cause you to clench your teeth more. Wearing a mask can also make your jaw tight, especially if you are jutting your chin forward or tensing your jaw to try to hold your mask on. 1. Be aware of your jaw- It should be relaxed at rest, teeth not touching, tongue resting on roof of mouth. 2. When wearing a mask- try not to tense your jaw or push your jaw forward to hold your mask on. 3. If you have jaw pain- avoid hard, crunchy or c...
Posted on 2020-06-04
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