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By: Margaret, PT Stress will increase muscle tension and can cause you to clench your teeth more. Wearing a mask can also make your jaw tight, especially if you are jutting your chin forward or tensing your jaw to try to hold your mask on. 1. Be aware of your jaw- It should be relaxed at rest, teeth not touching, tongue resting on roof of mouth. 2. When wearing a mask- try not to tense your jaw or push your jaw forward to hold your mask on. 3. If you have jaw pain- avoid hard, crunchy or c...
Posted on 2020-06-04
By: Eleanor, ATC
Posted on 2020-05-28
By: Jason, ATC This year has been difficult for everyone to say the least. We are all ready to get our lives back to "normal" and start doing more of the things we love to do. These times have been very challenging especially to all the student athletes. From e-learning to cancellation of all sporting activities, student athletes have been affected both physically and mentally during these times. While there are no team practices and no workout facilities open during this time, there are st...
Posted on 2020-05-22
By: Eleanor, ATC
Posted on 2020-05-19
By: Presley, PTA Getting into a routine is NOT easy. I am a visual person so I love to have things right in front of me which is why I always make lists. Here's my tips, let's make a list! Make goals for yourself. What's your weight goal? What's your dieting goals? Fitness goal? Meal prep. I know, this is way easier said than done. Especially if you have little ones running around but anything you can do to save time, DO IT. Get rid of junk food. Go through that pantry and throw away th...
Posted on 2020-05-15
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