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Workplace Solutions

The workplace can be dangerous. Heavy equipment, tired employees, and staff unable to handle the physical requirements of the job can all lead to accidents and injuries. Come to Advanced Rehab and get help to heal and support your workforce.

Solve your workplace issues.

Find the services that serve to prevent workplace injuries, heal and help those already injured, and support businesses that desire a healthy workforce. Our Advanced program offers the following:

  • Evaluation: functional job analysis, pre-working screening, functional capacity evaluation
  • Consultation: job-site assessments, safety team participation, consults
  • Treatment: professional therapy, professional communication, convenient appointments

Job Specific Work Conditioning Program

  • 1:1 therapist to client interaction 4 hours per day 5 days per week.
  • Hands on stretching/mobilization for client health.
  • Planned variation in workload volume and intensity limits symptom complaints.
  • Treatment goal: Increase functional strength to Normal Job Demands
  • Treatment based on specific workloads, movements, energy systems.
  • Constant positive client education and encouragement to build trust.

Traditional work hardening uses a linear progression of workload by increasing the load and repetitions.  The result is a daily increase in symptoms and a decline in compliance from the client. 

We use neuro-adaptation to train the body to efficiently move the load without increasing the strain and increasing pain.  Thus we avoid DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which causes increased pain with exercise and poor compliance from the client.


  • You improve your client’s odds of successful return to work.

Case managers

  • You improve your odds of closing the case.


Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Advanced Rehab and Sports Medicine is proud to provide the XRTS technology FCE. XRTS is the Gold Standard in objective, legally defensible, and cost effective FCE’s.

  • Objective- the subjective opinion of the testing clinician is removed.  Decisions are scientifically backed and legally defensible.
  • Legally Defensible-An objective and robust assessment of validity of effort must be employed during the FCE.  This ensures the conclusions related to a subject’s ability to return to work are legally defensible.
  • Cost Effective-A legally defensible, objective test is more cost effective.  Why?  The information helps providers and referral sources close claims-Period.
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