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How to Beat the Heat

By: Eleanor, ATC 

Lets BEAT the HEAT together! 

During the summers raging temperatures, heat illness can become quite the enemy. Here are some tips for you to help beat the heat this summer!

Interesting Facts: 

-Athletes should consume 1 cup or 250mls of water every 15 minutes of exercise

-It only takes 30 minutes for cell damage to occur when core body temp is >105 degress

-Exertional heat stroke is one of the top 3 killers of athletes in training

Safety Tips: 

-Have sports drink on hand for workouts lasting longer than 1hour

-Keep beverages cold (studies show cold beverages are consumed 50% more than warm)

-Hydrate before, during and after activity

Signs of Minor Illness: 


-Cramps, muscular tightening and spasms


Early WARNING Signs of Heat Stroke: 

-Headache, dizziness, confusion 

-Excessive sweating or flushing


-Nausea & vomiting

-Chills or Goosebumps

Signs of Heat Stroke:

-Core Body temp> 105 degrees

-Confusion, aggression, and loss of consciousness

-Rapid breathing 

-Increased heart rate

-Low Blood Pressure